Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Imperfect Life

Can I just say that I'm #blessed?! I kid. I kid. I don't think I've ever used that hashtag and I'm pretty sure the delivery of it would come across as awesome as when I greet women with "Hay gurl!". Terrible. It just comes off terrible.

In all honestly as of lately I've been content. Happy sounds like I'm bragging and saying it's alright doesn't do it justice. When I've caught up with friends lately all I can say is, "everything is good" and that sounds so down played when realistically I've never felt as content with my life as I am right now. The funny thing is that this year has been far from perfect. It's had some highs and many lows, but through it all I've still been very satisfied with my life to date. Given the year that many of others have had, I know I'm lucky. 

I've taken a mass hiatus from this blog to the point where I 100% said I'm giving it up completely, but I recently realized that I was giving it up for the wrong reasons. I was "quuitting" because I didn't like the pressure of blogging for others when first and foremost it should be for myself. It's no secret that I work in marketing that so happens to be in the influencer space, so I do get wrapped up in quite the bit of hub bub around "are blogs dying?". Being part of this world made me realize that I was falling into the pressure of keeping up with it all and I was quickly losing the interest of doing it. But, what I miss most about it is having a personal outlet. A place where I can put my thoughts, issues, personal problems (you name it) on "paper" to get it off my chest. Kind of like Doogie Howser's running personal journal. I forgot that what fueled my ongoing storytelling was the stories I heard back from others that would comfort me by saying, "I hear ya sista!" Call it a friendship, a bond, a community. Like a long distance friend, I'm feeling a little homesick from it all. So here I am. Back to share my stories.

Like any long term relationships I'd love to set my intentions, just so there are expectations you know?  This blog has gone through MANY evolutions in the decade of its existence and once again it will change a bit (not much, but just a bit). My focus? Life's imperfections. Stories that don't always end up in happy endings and ones that may be challenging to tell, but they're real. My hope is that by me sharing some of my life's not so glamorous and everyday moments that you (at least one of you) feels a moment of relief that someone can sympathize with whatever shit you're dealing with. I'm guilty of letting social media blind me into thinking that everyone's life is hunky dory, and I'm also guilty of maybe portraying that life, but I'm nowhere near it. I'm an everyday person, with everyday issues who leads a imperfect and content life.

So as I continue to share my stories I hope you'll continue to follow along because you (yea you!!!) and this blog, have given me so much in my life and to be frank, I've missed it.

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